La Maquina parlante

La Màquina Parlante, musical performance designed by Matteo Scaioli, eclectic instrumentalist, composer and producer from Ravenna, consists of a project that combines the most advanced technology – mixer and delay – to the oldest – handle gramophone of various types.
Thanks to an extensive research and retrieval of materials through markets and selected music stores, Matteo Scaioli has created a collection of 78rpm from all over the world. This is often a real “rarity”: b-sides, special and unique editions.
With his live, Matteo Scaioli takes us to other atmospheres, on a journey through time ranging from the melodies of the early 1930s to the last 78rpm of the 60s.
Thanks to a big research work on recovering rare musical stuff in incredible places (old garrets, caves , garage sales etc), La Màquina Parlante plays only original bakelite records coming from all the world.
The Dj set gives us the scratch and imperfection typical of the handle gramophone, creating a unique and warm atmosphere that enchants the audience throughout the performance.

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La maquina parlante

The wider part of the repertoire of La Maquina Parlante resumes the American production of the ’40s and 50s, from the curious evolutions of jazz to the more orchestral performances of swing, fox trot and mambo.