British lead singer of Skunk Anansie, whose real name is Deborah Anne Dyer, was born on August 3, 1967, in Brixton, Britain.

He began his musical career in the band Skunk Anansie, along with Richard Lewis on bass, Martin Kent on guitar, and Mark Richardson on drums.

The band released three albums - "Paranoid & Sunburnt," "Stoosh" and "Post Orgasmic Chill," with millions of copies sold worldwide, which made Deborah known in Europe and beyond. In the meantime, Skin also became known beyond Skunk Anansie, for example appearing in 1995 in "Strange Days," a cyberpunk science fiction film in which she performed the song "Selling Jesus."

At the beginning of 2000, however, he duets with Cristiano Godano, lead singer of Marlene Kuntz, on the song "La canzone che scrivo per te," which is part of the Cuneo-based group's album "Che cosa vedi"; at the same time he also collaborates with Maxim Reality of Prodigy on the hit "Carmen Queasy."

In 2001 the Skunk Anansie group disbanded, with Kent releasing a record called "Still Hungry," Richardson becoming a session player for Feeder, and Skin embarking on a solo career.

After changing her look (switching from the classic bald head to a short male haircut), the Brixton singer takes part as an actress in "Hideous Man," a dramatic short film written and directed by John Malkovich, which also features Emilia Fox, Gary Sinise, Anita Pallenberg, Shaznay Lewis, Saffron Burrows and Arielle Dombasle in the cast.

Her first record, titled "Fleshwounds," does not - however - achieve the success she hoped for: in Italy it goes no further than sixth place, while in Germany it barely enters the top 20 best-selling albums. Called to open the concerts of Placebo and Robbie Williams, Skin did not give up, and in 2006, returning to her look from her Skunk Anansie days (hair completely shaved to zero), she gives to the presses "Fake Chemical State," her second album, anticipated by the single "Alone in My Room," and also containing the singles "Just Let the Sun," "Nothing But" and "Purple."

In the same year he took part in the Concertone del Primo Maggio in Rome, while in 2008 he returned to link his career path to Italy by performing the song "Tear Down These Houses," whose music was composed by Andrea Guerra, which is part of the soundtrack of "Parlami d'amore," a film by Silvio Muccino: the song, for which a video clip directed by Marco Salom was made, was also nominated as best original song for the David di Donatello Award.

While kicking off a project called Format 3 together with Martin Buttrich and Timo Maas, also in 2008 Skin returned to Italy for a Beatles tribute concert in Sorrento for the Caruso Prize, for which she performed alongside Sinéad o' Connor and Marlene Kuntz.

At that time he began his DJ career performing in all the most important clubs and festivals in Italy and in Ibiza with DJ sets with electronic sounds.

In 2015, Skin joined the cast of the Italian version of "X Factor": along with Fedez, Elio and Mika, she is one of the four members of the jury of the ninth edition of the music talent show and in the meantime, in addition to continuing her DJ career, she releases two more albums and a greatest hits with SKUNK ANANSIE.