Who is Bob Sinclar? He is first and foremost the amusing stage name inspired by a movie character (Bob Saint-Clair, from "How to Destroy the Reputation of the World's Greatest Secret Agent") chosen by French artist Christophe Le Friant.And, then coming to the musical substance, Bob Sinclar is one of the longest-running figures on the international electronic music scene. He has produced some of his biggest house hits ever in a career that began in the latter half of the 1980s. Back then he played mostly hip-hop and acid jazz and went by the name Chris The French Kiss.With endless hit albums under his belt and a glittering discography that includes dozens of gold and platinum records worldwide, Bob Sinclar makes the world dance with a simply unique sound. He is often headlining not only at the top clubs on the planet (including, of course, at the world-famous Pacha in Ibiza with his one-night Paris by Night), but also at unique events such as Tomorrowland in Belgium and the Rio Carnival.Most importantly, his musical influence can be felt at all levels of pop dance music. Bob Sinclar's first hits came as early as the late 1990s and continued throughout the early 2000s: 'Gym Tonic', 'Paradise', 'I Feel for You', 'Darlin' and 'Cerrone'...Bob Sinclar's role with Martin Solveig, DJ Gregory and other artists in the Africanism project should not be forgotten.In 2005, Sinclar then released first 'Love Generation', then 'World Hold On', absolute hits all over the world or almost, tracks capable of remixing pop and dance creating a new sound that is still relevant today. Among Bob Sinclar's most beautiful and intense house tracks, here is "Feel the Vibe," released in 2015, a sweet and rhythmic track, capable of surpassing 13 million listens on Spotify.Over the years then came tracks such as "La La Song," "Peace Song," and countless other tracks including "Rock this Party - Everybody Dance Now," still danced to today all over the world, as is the aforementioned "World Hold On," just reworked, for Summer 2022, by Fisher.

Bob Sinclar